Current ongoing projects
After School English Tuition class to primary school students funded by Anbaalayam in Thanduvan, Nedungkerny area in Vanni.


Year 5 Scholarship classes in Vanni - Project funded by BJ ACCOUNTING - Wentworthville

Extra classes have been organised at the following 3 schools. Ramanathapuram East school, Ootrupulam Vigneswara school and Vannerikulam school. Five teachers are teaching around 200 students who will benefit from these extra classes when they sit the exam in August 2018 

Pre School projects in Maankaadu and Savukkadi, funded by RAWCS and Implemented by Anbaalayam


Anbaalayam supports Thiriyay Tamil Maha Vidyalayam (High School) situated in Trincomalee district
Thiriyay Tamil Maha Vidyalayam (High School) is situated in a remote village in Trincomalee district. Lack of teachers is a major issue in this School as the teachers don’t want to live in this village due to its remoteness and difficult living conditions. Once a very prosperous village, it was completely destroyed by the war and the villagers went through resettlement twice after the war and struggling to meet the basic needs and educate their children. Traditionally their main income came from farming. Drought, insufficient water supply prevents the villagers from creating an income. Majority of the families are living below poverty line. Many of them are working as labourers in the adjoining towns.

Funds donated to Anbaalayam by Macquarie University Tamil Sangam is being used towards the school fence, after school tuition payment to teachers for 6 months and payment for a volunteer teacher for 6 months. The principal is very grateful for this support as this will encourage the teachers to remain and serve at this School.
Anbaalayam is also supporting two University students and four year 11 students from disadvantaged families. They were recommended by the School Principal.


Tube well revolving loan project

Tube wells are under construction in resettlement areas identified by Centre for Child and Youth Empowerment - These are done as revolving loan projects. Therefore the money spent will be collected by CCYE and used for other similar projects in the future. 


 Completed Projects
Livelihood Support
Tube well for Vasanthakumar in Kilinochchi

Videos on projects implemented by KKM-Vanni Hope and Funded by Anbaalayam