November 2017 - Donated School bags and stationery items to the Poonahari Central College located in one of the areas in Northern Sri Lanka, where most of the families live below poverty line. 

November 2017 - Donated Bicycles to 3 children from disadvantaged families in Uduvil, located in Northern Sri Lanka
The children got through their grade five scholarship exams by working hard under very difficult family circumstances.
Anbaalayam thanks Ranjith, CCYE for identifying the need and implementing this project.
October 2017 - Donated Bicycles to 6 children from families living below poverty line in Vavunathivu located Eastern Sri Lanka
Jaffna Hindu College 1986 batch old boys donated 6 Bicycles to some of the deserving school children.
They also donated 12 pairs of shoes to year 5 children of BT/MAVALAIYARU KALAIVAN VIDYALAYAM
October 2017 - Donated Bicycles to 7 children from families living below poverty line in Kalkuda, located in Eastern Sri Lanka.
These children got through their year 5 Scholarship exams under very difficult circumstances and they will be travelling long distances to attend high schools next year.  Anbaalayam would like to thank Nesan for organising this.

October 2017 - Poultry farm livelihood project to a family living below poverty line in Thennamarawady village located in Trincomalee district.

June 2017 - School uniforms and educational materials for a Pre-School in Mankadu - A remote village in Batticaloa district​.

 June 2017 - Livelihood support 

Anbaalayam donated a Cow and a calf to Nishanthini from Omanthai in Vanni area. She can now receive some income by selling milk and support her family.
 June 2017 - Wheel Chair to little Thivakaran 
13 year old P.Thivakaran is a special need student at Nelukkulam maha Vidyalayam. He became ill at the age of 18 months. He lives in a home, away from his parents and receiving medical attention. He was finding it difficult to attend School without a foldable wheel chair.  Thivakaran is happy that he got a wheel chair to travel around now. Thanks to a Sydney donor.

May 2017 - Water supply and livelihood projects for three families affected by war under Pasumai Vaalvu Program - carried out by KKM Vanni

Three needy, war affected families benefitted from this livelihood projects. This included, poultry farm, supplies for home gardening, construction of a water tank and installation of a water pump. More than 44 members from 10 families living in Pandiyankulam village in Mullaitivu district will benefit from this water supply facility.

 April 2017 - Computer for a Junior School 

Anbaalayam provided a computer and a colour printer to a Junior School in Eachilampattu, Elangaithurai Mugathuvaaram in Trincomalee District. This is a School affected by Tsunami and the war. People living in this village are slowly rebuilding their lives after the resettlement and their main income is from agriculture and fishing.

This school was re-started in 2012 and is helping to develop the basic education activities in this village. The Principal, Mr.P.Sathiyaseelan has been struggling to develop and improve the performance of this school. However, due to his hard work this school has become a model school in this area. The computer and the printer will be of great help to this school to maintain their records and printing various educational materials for the students and also reduce the cost of printing from external sources. Thank you Henry Amalraj or coordinating this project. 

March 2017 - Accommodation for special need children

Association to Empower the Special Need Children (ASSETS) is an organization providing care to differently abled Children who are mentally and physically affected by birth and war.
These children with varying intellectual, physical, psychological and emotional disabilities are often neglected and abandoned by their own families because many lived in abject poverty and therefore did not have the means to provide even the basic needs of food, clothing and medicine. ASSETS identified 25 such children who live in remote villages like; Poonary, Mulankavvil, Veravil, Kandavalai, Palai etc. and they are being accommodated in this newly built home.These children are studying at the Special need school called ‘SIVA POOMI’ which is in the heart of Kilinochchi which caters to the needs of such children. This Dormitory building was funded by Anbaalayam and the project was managed and completed by KKM at the cost of A$2,500.00

March 2017 - Suicide Prevention in Vanni

Suicide is a serious issue in Vanni and prevention activities are urgent. Since the beginning of 2016, some community minded people have been working hard to establish a Suicide Prevention Centre in Vavuniya. Currently, service is provided in a limited way from a temporary accommodation. Contact number for callers is (024)324 4444. One of the major challenges in Vanni is to reach out the general public and give the message about the services available at the Suicide Prevention Centre.

The area is vast and much of it is thinly populated. Newspaper penetration is low. An awareness campaign has therefore been launched with the support of Anbaalayam. A team of dedicated workers have been visiting village by village to meet people. They also erected banners and pasted wall posters and stickers in strategic spots. Anbaalayam has also been supporting the training programs conducted to recruit new volunteers.

February 2017 - Donated Bicycles to 18 children from disadvantaged families in Eastern Sri Lanka

The children are from Vavunathivu, Kannankuda, Mahilavedduvaan, Mangikkaddu, Navalkadu and Kanapathipuram. These are remote villages in Batticaloa and Ampara districts.
The children have been walking 5 to 10 km daily to attend School. 3 of these are from Malwatte Kanapathipuram Vigneswara School who got through their grade five scholarship exams by working hard under very difficult family circumstances.

December 2016 - Water supply for a family affected by war under Water for Life program.

Mrs.R.Sangeetha and her two children from Vanni were internally displaced and settled in Nagulesawaram, Keerimalai, near Jaffna. She lost her husband during the war in 2009 and also lost her left leg. She has been struggling without any water facilities at home.

This project included a tube well, water tank and water pump and erection of a fence to secure the premises. This will provide water for day to day usage and plantation of trees for creating some income for this family which lives below poverty line.

Anbaalayam thanks Mr. Ranjith Shylendrakumar of Centre for Child and Youth Empowerment for identifying the need and implementing this project. 

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." - Mother Teresa